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Newman Lectures


Newman Lectures





Francis Campbell
The Rt Reverend Dr Graham James
His Eminence Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor
The Right Reverend Bishop Philip Egan

'The Church in Society and its Relationship to the State'

Speaker: Francis Campbell

Vice Chancellor - St Mary’s University, Twickenham

'"More Catholic than the Pope":
The encounter of Anglo Catholicism with the Papacy and the revival of a Norfolk shrine'

Speaker: Dr Graham James
The Bishop of Norwich

'The Changing Faces of the Papacy'
Speaker: Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor
Former Archbishop of Westminster

'Gaudium et Spes: The Church in the Modern World'
Speaker: Bishop Philip Egan
Bishop of Portsmouth

Our Sister Series
Keswick HALL Lectures

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi (former Minister of State for Faith and Communities) and Aaqil Ahmed (BBC Head of Religion and Ethics) visited UEA to take part in a debate chaired by the Rt Hon Prof Charles Clarke. This event was the first in a new series of public talks exploring the current relationship between religion and British politics.

I’m okay – you’re okay: religion in the public sphere

Tony Blair 'didn't', but Dave Cameron 'does' God - but what should be the role of religion in public life? Are religious actors taken seriously in public debate? Should they be? In this lecture Prof Lee Marsden (Head of the School of Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication Studies at the University of East Anglia) argues that there is a need to bridge a secular - religious divide in public discourse through tolerance and mutual respect.

God Matters To Us All

As the latest research shows that a majority of people in Britain say that they have 'no religion', how much does God matter to all of us? What place does faith have in our schools and social services? How does it effect our security, confidence and the cohesion of our communities?





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