God forecometh us in all things. As the beginning of our being was from Him, so from Him also is our re-creation in Christ. Our own free will, as we now, since the fall, have it by nature, floats and sways between good and evil, weak toward good, overmastered by evil. If, unaided by Divine grace, we could make it good, we could make ourselves, of ourselves, better than God made us. We could bestow more upon ourselves than Almighty God. So did not even the good Angels ; so cannot any created thing. The good Angels did not make their own wills good. God created them, as He did man, wholly good. God upheld them, freely through His grace choosing Him. They abode in the good will in which God had created them, by abiding in Him ; their good will abode in them, because through the grace wherewith He endowed them, they, upheld by Him, clave inseparably to Him, and, by partaking of Him, were fixed in unchangeable bliss through His Unchangeableness.

In us, that will to cleave to Him in which He created us, is, after the fall, through His grace recreated in us. He Who sets Himself before us as the Object of our faith, gives us the will to believe in Him, if we consent. With us it remains to receive or to have ; with God, to give. God wills that we should believe, but not without ourselves. He persuades us, invites us, calls us, works in us, that we should will to believe ; He, if we will, removes from us all hindrances within us to believe, attempers every disposition to His truth and faith, subdues inus, whatsoever erects itself or rebels against it. One only thing He doth no; He doth not force us.