But nearness to God has also an awful aspect. " Our God is a consuming fire." Your consciences, my younger brethren, can best tell you whether your souls are arrayed in the wedding-garment which Christ gives, and which Christ requires in those who would approach to His Heavenly Feast, the wedding-garment of faith and love unfeigned, an upright and holy conversation, cleansed and made pure by the Blood of Christ; or whether, " grieving the Spirit of God, whereby ye were sealed," and " not led by the Spirit of God," ye are now (God forbid that ye should remain so) " none of His." I speak not now of the present, but of the past. Ye yourselves best know, how far ye differ from that past. But no one at any time can have known in any great degree, what were the habits of a large portion of the young in this place, or even the very outward fact, how, when man required it, almost all received the Holy Communion; how few, when God only called, and the young were left to their own consciences,—none can have observed this, without greatly fearing, that if too few are present in the one case, too many are present in the other.

The Church requires as conditions; repentance, faith, charity, a loving memory of the Passion of our Lord, and -a stedfast purpose to lead a new life. This you are to ascertain for yourselves, by examining yourselves. God bids you by St. Paul; He exhorts you by the Church; " search and examine your own consciences, and that not lightly and after the manner of dissemblers with God, but so that ye may come holy and clean to such a Heavenly Feast."