Praise to the Holiest in the height

              And in the depth be praise:

          In all His words most wonderful;

              Most sure in all His ways!

          O loving wisdom of our God!

              When all was sin and shame,

          A second Adam to the fight

              And to the rescue came.

          O wisest love! that flesh and blood

              Which did in Adam fail,

          Should strive afresh against the foe,

              Should strive and should prevail; {364}

          And that a higher gift than grace

              Should flesh and blood refine,

          God's Presence and His very Self,

              And Essence all-divine.

          O generous love! that He who smote

              In man for man the foe,

          The double agony in man

              For man should undergo;

          And in the garden secretly,

              And on the cross on high,

          Should teach His brethren and inspire

              To suffer and to die.