Since then this Gift is so inconceivably great, what should be begun in you before you are admitted to It are:

1. "Putting away childish things," since you are to be admitted to the privileges of a full-grown Christian. Gradually, try to raise your mind more above common things, and to occupy it with higher things, so as not to be so much taken up with commonplace things which you see around you: so that amid things which you see, to raise up your mind more to Him Who is unseen, not be so much filled and taken up with all which passes by you; that by this means you may be more drawn to God.

2. Patiently suffer little disappointments, little inconveniences. The best way is to try to think of God and of Christ Who suffered for you; ask Him to give you a patient heart, to sanctify any sorrow He may send in his Love for you, by His Sufferings, and try to be content to be sorrowful until He make you again cheerful. To those who do this, He often gives a calm in sorrow, which is better than any joy.