In these days … he was much busied with … the translation into our own language …of the Gospel of St John … When the Tuesday before the Lord’s 
Ascension came, his breathing became much worse … Nonetheless he continued his teaching all that day and dictated cheerfully … At daybreak on 
Wednesday he told us to finish the writing which we had begun. We did this until the third hour … There was one of us with him who said: ‘Beloved master, there is still one chapter missing from the book you were dictating, but it seems to me difficult to ask you for more.’ But he answered: ‘It is easy. Take your pen and prepare it and write quickly.’ And this he did … Then the boy of whom I spoke, Wilbur by name, said again: ‘Beloved master, there is still one sentence left, not yet written down.’ He answered: ‘Write it then.’ After a short time the boy said: ‘Now it is written.’ And he replied: ‘Good. It is finished.’ … And … he breathed out his spirit from his body.

Taken from Cuthbert's account  of the death of Bede.