The Eucharist is the heart of the Church's life. It also happens in the middle of this created world with all its realities and tensions and sufferings.

So we do not receive communion as living in a vacuum. We plead Christ's sacrifice; we offer ourselves on behalf of the world around us, and the reality of our offerings is tested by the genuineness of our care for our neighbours, and our will to serve the community with love which flows from Christ crucified.

Is this real? Does this happen? if you go about this country from parish to parish, you will find parishes which seem lifeless: the worship is formal, the worshippers are like separate units; fellowship, social conscience, care for the world, seem far away. Go to others: there is true fellowship, otherworldly and practical - both; there is an outgoing force in mission and in service..

And you? Wherever you are, help. Christian worship is to be what it is meant to be by being what a Christian is meant to be.

Michael Ramsey Introducing the Christian Faith