There is one image which I ask you to look at closely. It is the image used by St John which, more than any other, sums the matter up.

St John writes, 'The Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory'. Word: it is a biblical term, denoting one who is living, creative, imperishable, divine. Flesh: it is a biblical term denoting what is creaturely, frail, mortal, human. Here then is the paradox. The divine Creator has humbled himself to take on himself the entire experience of existence as man, in all the conditions of humanity.

Is it credible? It is only just credible. It is credible because there already exists the affinity between God and man.

Again, it is the credible because of the infinity of God's love, with love's power of entering into the experience of another beyond all the analogies of love's power which we know.

Introducing the Christian Faith