The theme of prayer in the name of Jesus comes into prominence in ...[John's[ gospel, and this is shown to be the prayer of those who are closely united to Jesus by the coming of the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete. It is thus after the death and resurrection of Jesus that the deepest prayer of the disciples is made possible. The prayer of Jesus to the Father is seen in this gospel as the expression in time and history of the Son's eternal relation to the Father, a relation which is supremely revealed in the self-giving love of the Passion. While this teaching about prayer lifts us into an eternal world it does so by confronting us with the particular time and place of an event on the Hill of Calvary. In these ways we learn about prayer much that is distinctive in this gospel but what we learn is rooted in the early tradition about the prayer of Jesus as his obedience even unto death.

Be Still and Know pp. 27-28