By an image, forceful, because true, Holy Scripture speaks of us "as slaves of sin," "sold under it," "slaves of corruption." We were not under its power only, but under its curse. From that guilt and power of sin we were redeemed, ransomed, purchased; and the ransom which was paid was "the Precious Blood of Christ." It has been said, "Scripture is silent, to whom the ransom was paid, and for what." Scripture says "for what," the forgiveness of sins. "In whom," i.e., in Jesus, "we have redemption through His Blood, the remission of our sins, according to the riches of His grace." It says, "from what." For it says, "Christ purchased us out of the curse of the law." It says to whom when it says, "ye were redeemed by the precious blood of Christ as of a Lamb without blemish and without spot." For sacrifice was offered to God alone.